Safety is our priority.


Learn more about our COVID response protocols, FAQ's, & important info you should know!

First things first...

Yes, we're open!

Before we get to all the protocols and other tidbits, we wanted to take a minute to thank you for being a valued client. Pet owners don't just trust anyone, and for that, we thank you for trusting us with the well-being of your pet family.


We understand that you want to protect your family, furry and non-furry, during this outbreak. Same for us, too! Our Pet Pro team is like our family (and each of us, of course, has family of our own, too!). That's why we are doing our utmost to ensure that we are providing you with the security you deserve. We just ask the same in return, so that together, we can continue to care for the pets we serve and love during this time and beyond!

So, what do you need to know?


Personal Protective Equipment

  • Surface Wipes (listed on the EPA’s “List N”) - used to clean car interiors, door knobs, & in-home surfaces

  • Water Wipes (sensitive wipes for pet fur & paws) - to prevent contaminants from coming indoors on pet surfaces

  • Custom PPG cloth masks - to be worn at ALL TIMES while on the clock (both indoors and outdoors)

  • Disposable masks & gloves, when necessary

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Personal clip & slip leashes

  • Personal poop bags 


Client Service Protocols

1. For Dog Walks/Hikes: We will be using our own leashes (we have clip leashes and slip leashes). If you are not home during your service time, make certain the dog(s) will come to the door when we arrive or when called, so we do not have to enter your home. If they won’t come to the door, consider gating them near the front door. If you will be home, we will, unfortunately, be limiting interaction as much as possible.


2. For Cat Visits or Pet Check-Ins: (when our Pet Pros spend any extended amount of time in a Client home, usually 20min): Please make sure Client homes are clean, and indicate where we are allowed to go in the home, where it’s safe to go. 


3. For Handwashing/Sanitizing: Handwashing is preferable while we're out in the field, so please let us know if we can use your facilities to sanitize. If not, we will have hand sanitizer at the ready!

4. For Meet & Greets: We are now offering our free Meet & Greets virtually on Zoom, rather than in-person. If you want an in-person Meet & Greet, it will be an additional cost and all COVID protocol must be observed (masks, hand sanitizer, symptom check, etc.). If you prefer the in-person Meet & Greet, we do recommend an outdoor meeting (backyard, nearby park, etc.).


Your questions, answered.

Can pets get infected with COVID?

While pets can test positive for COVID-19, the numbers are VERY low, especially considering the large number of humans affected (and lots of humans have pets!). However, the CDC still recommends being cautious and safe when it comes to gatherings for our pets, especially if that person has COVID.

Can my pets give me COVID?

Per the CDC website, at this time, there is no evidence that our pets play a significant role in spreading the virus that causes COVID-19. As a result, the risk of animals spreading COVID-19 to people is low. We hope to know more as the virus research progresses.


Updated Cancellation Policy

We typically charge FULL COST if we get a cancellation with less than 24hrs notice, HOWEVER, we will waive that fee if the cancellation is due to COVID-related symptoms or a required quarantine due to COVID exposure. 


Updated Fee Schedule Allocation Info.

  • Added payroll costs since we now classify Pet Pros as employees rather than independent contractors. This benefits our clients because they can be sure their Pet Pro is 100% devoted to the positive and safe care of your pets. 

  • Pet Pros provide an essential service during the pandemic, so to keep everyone healthy (including you and your pets), we are providing PPE to our employees, including custom all the information mentioned above like cloth masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, surface wipes, thermometers, etc. 

  • To demonstrate our commitment to our Pet Pros, they also receive extra hourly "Hero Pay" as long as virus cases continue to rise in Los Angeles. 

We understand this is an overwhelming and confusing time for all of us, so if you have ANY questions on any of the above information or need some clarification, we're here to help. 

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