What is your cancellation policy?

24 hours!
If you need to cancel a pet visit, please let us know more than 24 hours in advance (or before the weekend for visits scheduled on a Monday). This amount of notice helps us make the necessary adjustments. If you must cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged the full price of the pet visit.
*NOTE: If you are due a refund, it will be returned directly to the card used for payment.

Pet Sitting Cancellation Policy:
More than One Week - Full refund of deposit Less than One Week - 50% of deposit refunded Less than 72hrs - No refund

Holiday Period Pet Sitting Cancellation Policy:
More than Two Weeks - Full refund Less than Two Weeks - 50% refund of deposit Less than 6 days - No refund

How do you hire your Pet Pros?

Very carefully.
Finding truly amazing Pet Care Professionals is no easy task and hiring them is the most important thing we do besides taking great care of our pets. In fact, only a very small percentage of our applicants even make it to the first in-person interview. We only work with candidates who are shining stars when it comes to pet care. Applicants are chosen based on professional and personal experience and we always place direct referrals to the front of the line. If you know someone who might be a great fit for PetProGo, send them to our Hiring Page!
*NOTE: All of our Pet Pros submit to a background check.

Who do I call in the case of an emergency?

For emergencies, please call or text 213.632.6328, indicate it’s an emergency, and we will get right back to you.
*NOTE: In case of an emergency, our Pet Pros will always call you immediately. In the case of a medical emergency, if we cannot get in touch with you we will take your pet to the veterinarian you’ve listed in your pet’s profile in your account, or the nearest animal hospital with emergency services.

Are you insured and bonded?

We work with the most highly regarded insurance companies in our industry, Pet Sitters Associates and RPS Eau Claire.
*NOTE: All of our employees are also insured and bonded!

When are holiday pet visits in effect?

Our administrative office is closed on all Federal holidays, plus Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Holiday pet visits are available if reserved in advance, plus a holiday fee. Please see our services page for current rates.
Our administrative office will be closed, and there will be a holiday fee added to all services scheduled on the following holidays:
MLK Day • Presidents Day • Memorial Day • July 4th • Labor Day • Indigenous Peoples’ Day (Columbus Day) • Veterans Day • Thanksgiving Day • Christmas Eve • Christmas Day • New Years Eve • New Years Day
*We may opt to charge an additional fee for pet sitting during “Holiday Periods,” which fall during our busiest time of the year: Thanksgiving weekend (fourth Thursday of November, and subsequent Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) and the two weeks surrounding Christmas & New Years (approximately December 23 to January 2rd).


Will I always get the same Pet Pro?

Your pet is part of your family, and we know how important it is to have someone that you know and trust caring for them in your home. Because of this, we do our best to encourage longevity and limited turnover among our team. Should your Pet Pro be unavailable for any reason, we will try to notify you as far in advance as possible and give you an ample opportunity to meet another Pet Pro for coverage.
*NOTE: Often we’ll send two Pros Pros to the meet & greet so you’ve had a chance to meet potential substitutes.

What if my Pet Pro gets sick or goes on holiday?

We've got you covered!
Things happen, and if your regular Pet Pro is unavailable for whatever reason (sick, vacation, emergency at home) we will still have you covered. Our goal is to give you as much notice as we can about coverage (generally at least a few days in advance). You can rest assured knowing that your Pet Pro will be as much of a rockstar as your primary Pro, and will have experience adapting to all kinds of situations and meeting all sorts of different pups. They will be fully prepped on your pet’s individual personality and routine, and will come ready to give them an awesomely customized visit.
On the rare occasion that we receive limited notice, we may notify you that morning that a substitute will be filling in. If you prefer to cancel on days that you have a sub, that’s completely fine.
*NOTE: Just in case, it's always a good idea to make sure the details listed in your account on the client portal are up-to-date.

Do I need a regular schedule?

Regular walks are recommended!
Establishing a regular schedule for your pet is recommended, and this will be best for their general well-being. A regular schedule also helps us allocate our Pet Pros and ensures everyone gets a pet visit within their desired time frames. Additionally, a regular schedule provides you with a greater chance you’ll be assigned to the same Pet Pro.
That said, we are happy to accommodate clients with occasional or irregular pet care needs based on our availability. If your schedule changes from week to week, please submit your requests via the online portal or mobile app so your request is not lost in the shuffle, and so we can plan ahead to make sure your pet is covered.
*NOTE: First thing we’ll do is set you up with an account on our online portal so you can easily request pet visits and we can be there when you need us. Call/Text/Email us to get started!

Can you accommodate last minute requests?

We know that sometimes you are in a pinch and need help caring for your furry family member, and we’ll always do the best we can to accommodate you. Should you have a last minute request, please try to let us know ASAP so we can do our best to make it happen. Please submit your request via the online portal or mobile app so your request is not lost in the shuffle, and so we can plan ahead to make sure your pup is covered. The more notice you can give, the better.
*NOTE: If we receive a request for standard services with less than 24 hours notice, or a request for pet sitting with less than 72 hours notice, we will add a late booking fee to your invoice. Please see our services page for current rates.

What time will my dog be walked?

Up to you! Let us know your ideal walk time, and we’ll do the rest. Due to the complexity of our schedules and the unique challenges of maneuvering through Los Angeles, we reserve a two-hour window around your ideal pet visit time. For example, if your ideal time is 2pm, you can expect us to arrive as close as possible to 2pm, but we may arrive anytime between 1pm and 3pm. This window helps us manage constantly changing vlient schedules, bad weather, traffic, unforeseen car or medical emergencies, and toweling dogs off after rainy days. *NOTE: You will always see what time your Pet Pro arrived and departed via your emailed update after the pet visit.

Do you walk dogs individually or in a group?

Your dog is our #1 priority! We pride ourselves on offering individualized services for you and your pet. We’re more than happy to walk pups with a buddy or two as long as they are of similar temperament, and we have permission from all pet parents.
*NOTE: We never “pack walk.” We want to give your dog all of our attention so we can keep them safe.

Will you visit my hotel?

Absolutely! We are experienced in the intricacies that come with providing walks or check-in's for pets while staying at a hotel. :)

Can you adminster medication?

Of course!
Even pups get sick sometimes! We’re more than happy to administer pills, topical medication, and really anything that doesn’t require a veterinary technician certification. Keep us in the loop and we’ll help however we can. We may charge a fee for certain medication services, feel free to check our Services page for current rates.

How does the walker/sitter access my home?

We require TWO sets of keys:
#1: One set of keys will be kept by your Pet Pro #2: A second emergency backup set will be kept in a Lock Box on your property, which will help us provide the most comprehensive coverage and will also allow for an efficient backup option in case of emergency.
Lock Box Info:
Clients can either provide their own Lock Box, or we can provide one for a reasonable fee. If you purchase a Lock Box from us, we will provide a Master Lock Safe Space Portable Lock Box #5422D. You can choose your own four digit code, and we’d recommend choosing four digits that do not fall in succession, and the digits should not repeat. We always recommend choosing a Lock Box location that's somewhat hidden (so not on your doorknob or the railing immediately next your door), but also a location that's not too challenging to access when needed (not in a crawlspace or too far away from your door). If your building does not allow Lock Boxes, or if you prefer to not use one, please let us know and we can discuss possible alternatives. Many Clients use electronic locks, which provide the highest level of security and ease for access.
*NOTE: As always, only our trusted admin team and your assigned Pet Pro is given access to your strictly confidential information.

How do I get started?!

Best question you've had all day. ;) Click here to get started! We'll be in touch to schedule our meet & greet and answer any questions you may have!

Can you feed my pet?

Sure thing!
Please include all specific feeding instructions in your profile on the online portal so we can make sure your Pet Pro is notified.
*NOTE: Just in case, it's always a good idea to make sure the details listed in your online profile are up-to-date.


How do I know if my pet visit request/cancellation was received?

We confirm via email!
Every request, cancellation, or schedule change is confirmed via email and through our Online Portal/Mobile App. If you send a request outside our regular business hours, we will do our best to confirm ASAP, but no later than the next business day.
*NOTE: Cancellations, requests, and changes are not confirmed until you receive a confirmation from our office.

How do I pay & can I add a tip?

Automatically, on the client portal.
We accept all major Credit/Debit cards, and payments are fully automated through the PetProGo client portal. With the exception of pet sitting, which is billed in advance, your card will be charged automatically at the end of your services, weekly for our ongoing clients. We will forward you an invoice after your pet visits are complete, and your Credit/Debit Card on file will be charged automatically on the due date on your invoice. In the interim, you can always opt to pay manually.
*NOTE: No long term contracts here! Keeping track of every detail is easy in your profile on our online portal and mobile app.
If you would like to add a tip, you’ll be given the option of adding one when you pay your invoice. Simply navigate to the Invoices tab in your PetProGo client portal for more info.
*NOTE: You can even add a tip after your invoice has been processed! Contact for info.

Do you track dog walks with GPS?

We do!
We know how important your pet is, and the more you know the better! When your Pet Pro arrives at your home, they'll check in on the mobile app, and the app will track their route via GPS while they're walking your dog. All of this information is included in the pet visit update emailed to you after your Pet Pro completes their visit.
*NOTE: You'll also receive a pet visit report card, giving you potty updates, and letting you know that we’ve refilled your pet's water, and that we locked up when departing.

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