7 Ways To Show Your Pet Love

We all love our dogs, but sometimes life gets a little crazy. We don’t mean to ignore them. We’re meeting their basic needs, but we sometimes forget to show them the love and affection they deserve.

Valentine’s Day is a reminder to show love to the people you care about. But did you know that February isn’t just about showing appreciation to the humans in your life?

February is also Responsible Pet Owners Month! Part of being a responsible pet owner is being sure to keep your dog happy. You can do this by showing them some love!

7 Ideas To Show Your Pet You Care

Humans and dogs are pack animals. (And a recent study actually shows that cats need us more than they let on!)

We all need socialization and to feel loved, appreciated, and included. If you feel like you haven’t been showing your pet the level of affection they need, we have some ideas for you. Let’s show our pets how much they mean to us with these 7 fun and thoughtful ideas.

1. A Socially Distanced Hike Or Walk

One of the best ways to bond with your dog is through activity. Call up some friends or family who are within your COVID bubble, and get the pups together for a rambling hike. There are many beautiful places you can explore with your dog. You can explore the trails in the Kenneth Hahn Recreation Area, or enjoy the views and solitude in Ernest Debs Park. You can learn more about these Los Angeles hike destinations in our recent blog post.

This is a fun and safe way for you and your dog to get the social interaction you need. You’ll both benefit from the fresh air and exercise, and you might find some fun new places to explore.

2. Exercise Classes

You can do more with your dog than just go for walks. Look for an exercise class that you and your dog can do together! This Bow Wow Workout in Runyon Canyon by Balanced Fitness is an example of a fitness class you can create for you and your dog.

You can practice mindfulness and balance with your dog as well. Try a yoga class that includes your dog! Book a private "doga" session with a trainer like Aimee Hyatt at Dogafit, and you and your dog can bond over something new.

While our feline friends may be in our homes, we can certainly provide them with some exercise to keep them agile and healthy. Introduce a new toy that gets your cat moving and grooving. Laser pointers are a fan favorite!

3. Doggie Date Night

Doggie Date Night is officially February 3rd, but you can have a date night with your dog whenever you want to. Set aside time to play their favorite game, tug of war or catch, whatever you know they like the best.

Want to give them some special time with their favorite doggy pal? We offer Buddy Walks! These are the perfect opportunity to get your dog out and about, socializing with their favorite furrr-end. Interested in booking a Buddy Walk? Send us a message.

For a fun change of pace - when safe - take your dog to the Zoom Room. This gives your dog a chance to play, socialize, and get a mental workout, too!

Finally, consider taking them to your local pet store. Pick out a special treat or toy and finish your evening with a leisurely walk. Be sure to take lots of pictures so you have memories of your special Doggie Date to hold onto.

4. Buddy Walk With A Pet Professional

With everything still a little chaotic, you may be feeling like you can’t devote the time to your dog that you want to. Our professionals at PetProGo are here to help you make sure your dog gets the activity and socialization they need so you don’t have an extra helping of stress on your plate.

Buddy Walk with PetProGo

It's no surprise that Buddy Walks have been a popular service over the last few months!

With a Buddy Walk, you can arrange for your dog to have a walk with their best furry pal if you feel like your pup needs some canine companionship. Let our PetProGo pet professionals know, and we can arrange a walk with your dog’s bestie.

5. Get A Pet Sitter

You may wonder how getting a pet sitter might show your pet you care about them.

Arranging for a sitter means your dog will spend less time alone and will be able to get the social interaction that they usually rely solely on you for. A sitter means less anxiety for your dog and less pent up energy. A calmer dog means you can make more of your time with them.

Don’t forget those kitties either! You can get a pet sitter to play with your cat while you’re away. Even though they may not show it in the same way dogs do, cats benefit from social interaction and do well with structured play to keep the midnight crazies at bay.

6. Obedience Classes

A well-behaved dog is a happier dog. Training helps your dog understand boundaries and prepares them for social situations. Your dog will be safer out and about if they are responsive to voice commands.

Training gives your dog behavior guidelines, so they will suffer from less anxiety in new situations since they know what you expect from them. Training helps you bond with your dog since the experience will help you understand their behaviors, and they will understand you better too.

7. Make Your Valentine's Day Pet Friendly

Valentine's Day might look a little different this year since we need to socially distance. So what better reason to include your dog in your plans? Sure, a romantic (socially distanced) walk is nice, but a romantic walk with your pup in tow sounds even better!

Head out for a picnic at a dog-friendly park, and make sure to bring some treats for your dog. Throw some booties on your pup, and head out to enjoy the tidal pools and hiking trails at South Beach (in Leo Carrillo State Park), or explore the coastline at any of the other dog-friendly beaches around L.A.

If you were thinking more along the lines of dinner and a movie, grab some takeout, pack up some snacks, and head to the drive-in. Your dog will enjoy a car ride and the chance to hang out with you. Plus, this gets the whole family out of the house!

Showing your cat love ways to show your pet love

Since cats need love too, consider including them in your V-day plans! A calm, but special, night at home is a great way to spend Valentine's Day. Make a fancy meal for the humans, and consider making a small little appetizer for your kitty, too! A tiny bit of unseasoned meat will certainly make your cat's day! Then, curl up on the couch and watch a feline-centered movie; may we suggest Garfield, Kedi, or even, Cats the musical?

At PetProGo we understand the challenges that come with pet ownership. Now, add on social distancing, and it can all be very overwhelming.

That’s why we’re here. We want to help you show your pet how much you care. If you have questions about any of our services, we would be glad to help you! You can contact us by clicking here.

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