A Day in the Life of a Pet Pro

When you hire someone to look after your pets, you need to know it’s someone you can trust. Whether it’s for an hour, a day, or a week, you need to be sure that your best friend is in capable hands.

At PetProGo we understand that. We’re more than just dog walkers and pet sitters. We’re Pet Professionals. Our purpose is to ease the stress of being a pet parent when work gets hectic or when you need some time away.

That’s why we want you to know exactly how we select our Pet Pros and what makes us different from other pet care service providers.

How We Select Our Pet Pros

The difference is in the details. At PetProGo, the details matter to us when it comes to choosing the best pet professionals for the job.

We go through a rigorous vetting process before selecting our Pet Pros. We find our Pet Pros through a combination of referrals and online job search sites. Before submitting an application, those interested must complete a detailed questionnaire.

The detailed questionnaire helps narrow our search to the most knowledgeable and committed applicants. We find that only 3-5% of applicants have what it takes to be considered for a position with us.

Pet Pro filling out questionnaire

All candidates are required to submit 3 references, with at least 2 that are related to pet care in a professional setting. Our founder Doug reaches out to the references himself.

Additionally, potential hires undergo a background check using PetProCheck.

During a PetProGo interview, we look for well-rounded individuals who have a love for people as well as pets. Sure, they have professional pet care experience, but do they understand how to properly serve our human clientele too? Do they have what it takes to go above and beyond for our clients?

It's also important that our Pet Pros are well-rounded people. Being a Pet Pro isn't just another job to them. Pet care is their career, and while they are passionate about pet care, they do have other diverse interests. We find that multi-passionate, well-rounded individuals make for the best team!

Once a Pet Pro is hired, they receive a hiring kit. This kit includes PPE to help protect our clients and our Pros during the COVID pandemic.

They also undergo extensive training on proper walking methods to ensure for safe walking around Los Angeles. They are then provided resources and training on how to handle emergency situations, such as an encounter with poisonous plants. This also includes having all Pet Pros install a Per First Aid mobile app on their phone. Finally, our Pros are all required to be certified in Pet CPR.

What really sets us apart from other pet care services is the way our employment works. Our Pet Pros are directly employed by us. This means, since they are not independent contractors, we can require them to get special certifications and to improve their skills through continued training.

What We Offer Our Pet Pros

We understand that our Pet Pros are providing a service that requires special skills. This is why they are paid over the California minimum wage. As employees instead of independent contractors, they are eligible for benefits including paid sick time.

Even with rigorous safety precautions, we recognize that our Pros are putting themselves at risk during this pandemic. That is why on top of their regular pay, they are receiving "Hero Pay" as compensation for continuing to go above and beyond for our clients.

A Day In The Life Of A Pet Pro

Our Pet Pros do more than just pet sitting and dog walking. They do their best to make sure they build a relationship with you as well as your pet. The same Pet Pro will be in charge of your pet every time, so you can be sure they are well versed in your pet’s preferences and routines. When being introduced to the Pet Pro who will be caring for your pet, you may also meet a possible substitute. This way you know that if your Pro is sick or on vacation, your pet is still in good hands.

A day in the life of a Pet Pro at PetProGo

Since we are in a pandemic, we are also concerned about safety - yours as well as ours. Our Pet Pros will take precautions to ensure that there is no contamination. We will bring our own PPE, wipe down any surfaces we touch, wear masks, and practice social distancing while out with your dog.

Your Pet Pro’s daily routine includes more than you might think.

  • To start off their workday, a Pet Pro will log into their app so they can clock in. This will keep track of their time and also all of the mileage they will accrue as they visit clients and drive pets to hiking spots or appointments.

  • When arriving at your house, your Pet Pro will have their own leash, poop bags, and mask. We want to ensure your safety as well as theirs. When entering your home, they will be cautious not to touch any surfaces unnecessarily.

  • If they’ve arrived to walk your dog, they’ll leash them and head out for a stroll. They’ll make sure your pup stretches their legs and has time to do their business. If it’s a visit for a cat, your cat will get playtime and attention.

  • After walk or playtime, your Pet Pro will be sure that your pet has everything they need in your home, including water. Your pet will be given a treat (if allowed). If your Pet Pro knows you won’t be home until after dark, they’ll make sure there’s a light on.

  • After they lock up, your Pro will go to their car and fill out a progress report for you. They’ll even include pictures so you don’t need to worry about missing out on the cute things your pet does.

  • Their final step is to wipe down and sanitize their car before heading off to their next visit!

Being a Pet Pro is about more than just walks and hikes. It’s about the relationships with our clients and their pets. We don’t want you to feel like you’re leaving your fur baby with a stranger. We want you to feel like we’re your dog or cat’s other best friend.

If you want to know more about our Pet Pros, take a look at our About Us page.

Any questions about the services we provide? We’re happy to help! We can be contacted online or by telephone during business hours.

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