How To Build Your Profile In Your Client Portal

At PetProGo, we want to make sure everything is easy for you. That's why your Client Portal has some amazing features like scheduling, messaging, and invoicing all in the palm of your hand.

But the best feature in your Client Portal is your profile. Your profile houses a ton of information about you, your home, and your pet. Think of this information like your Pet Pro's how-to manual when caring for your pet.

That's why, if there are any changes to your pet’s routine, we need to know about them, and you need a quick and reliable way to let us know.

Enter: our Client Portal (accessed via the Time To Pet software and app). You can log in from your computer or access Time To Pet through your mobile device. All you need to do is download the mobile app (available for iPhone and Android), and you’re ready to go. To get started, you will need to build a client profile and provide important information about your pet.

Not sure what kind of information to include? We’ve put together a handy guide to help you fill out your profile and provide us with every thing we need to know!

Building Your Client Profile

Let's dive into some of the things you want to be sure to fill out in your profile. Remember: the more information, the better!

Your Information

When filling out your contact information, there are two important sections you should be sure not to ignore. The first is the access instructions for your home. If you have a code to get into your community or home, this is where you will include it. Are there special parking instructions? Do you want us to go through the front or back door, or is there a secret entry through the garage that you want us to use? This is the place to let your Pet Pro know!

Time To Pet App PetProGo Client Portal Emergency Contact

The next part of the client information section is your emergency contact. This is one of the most important parts of your client profile. If you are out of town and cannot be reached quickly, or even if you’re just in a meeting and temporarily out of contact, you need to know that we can reach someone you trust in case of emergency. Be sure to list someone who is nearby and who has access to your home. This should also be someone your pet is comfortable with and is familiar with any health concerns or other issues your pet may have.

Don't worry, even if you are out of the country, you will be the first person we contact in case of an emergency. But having an emergency contact ensures that you have a set of eyes and ears who can be there when you can’t.

Your Pet's Information

We want to know more about your pet than just their name. A detailed description will help us build a rapport with your pet more quickly. A few things that you should include in your pet’s profile are:

  • Let us know of any medical concerns. What medications are they on, and what is the best way to get them to take them? Do we need to be aware of any allergies?

  • Help us get to know them. Are there any behaviors they have that may seem weird to strangers but are normal for your pet? Do they have a favorite toy, and are people allowed to touch it? Whatever their quirks are, we don't judge!

  • What are their preferences? Is there a treat they enjoy after a walk, and do they prefer ear scratches or belly rubs?

  • If we will be responsible for feeding your pet, let us know their feeding routine and where the food is kept.

  • If you have an escape artist, be sure to provide a microchip number just in case they attempt a disappearing act. If they routinely escape and head in a particular direction, let us know that, too.

  • Does your dog walk on a collar and leash, or do they use a harness or Gentle Leader?

  • If you have multiple pets, do they have a bowl they prefer? Can they eat next to each other, or do they need to be separated?

Time To Pet app PetProGo Client Portal Pet Profile

The Notes section of your pet's profile is a great place to pop in a lot of information. Feel free to fill it up with anything that might be useful to know!

Get Detailed!

Before your first meet & greet, we'll ask you to go ahead and fill out your profile. This ensures we can ask specific questions or get clarification on things as needed. Even if you are afraid a detail may be insignificant, pop it into your profile! Is there a house on your street with a dog that your dog does not get along with? Let us know. Does your cat like to sneak attack and grab ankles? That’s definitely useful information!

Your profile isn't set in stone either. You can make changes to your information as often as you'd like, and there is no limit to the number of changes you can make. Did your cat develop a new behavior? Is your dog a little skittish after a home renovation?

Plus, as your pet ages and their needs change, we really encourage you to update that profile! If your cat gets a new medication, if your dog has had hip surgery, or you adopt a second puppy to keep your dog young, you can always add information to keep your profile current. Moral of the story? Things change all of the time and your profile can help you stay on top of those changes. You can rest assured knowing that we check your profile before each and every visit.

If something urgent comes up that you don’t have time to add to your profile, you can let us know right away. The Time To Pet app allows you to send messages to your Pet Pro so we're able to get urgent information in a timely manner.

If you have questions about the Time To Pet app, your Client Portal, or any of the services provided by PetProGo, don’t be afraid to reach out! You can find our contact information here!

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