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Trusting someone else with your pets is hard. When you’re looking for someone to take care of them, you want to know that you’re placing them in the care of someone who will treat them with love just as you would. That’s what makes the pet professionals at PetProGo stand out from the crowd.

Pet care is about more than just walking a dog or pet sitting. It requires being able to work with animals of all temperaments. Pet professionals must be able to build trust with an animal that may be reluctant and know how to safely exercise a dog that may have health problems. Pet professionals must have a love of animals and have the skills to work with the owners so everyone is happy and satisfied.

We want to tell you a little about what makes our Pet Pros so special and why you can feel at ease knowing your fur baby is in our care.

We Are A Team

We care about everyone who works for PetProGo. This means that everyone working for us is a direct employee and not an independent contractor. As an employee, they are able to receive the benefits they deserve as a working professional in the state of California, so we know they and their families are taken care of. With the stress of independent contracting taken off their plate, our Pet Pros can focus on their passion: your pets.

As employees, this also means they are required to complete PetProGo's ongoing training to remain a member of our team. The field of animal care and behavior is fluid, and innovations are frequently being made. We want to make sure that our team's skills are always up-to-date and always improving. Continuous professional development and regular training sessions mean that the pet professionals at PetProGo can give your pet the highest level of care.

Did you know that independent contractors are not required to complete any trainings that their job suggests? While many independent contractors would be happy to learn more about their profession, we wanted to be sure that our team is always learning. That's why we choose to have employees.

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We Believe in Consistency and Trust

Whether you are having someone come in to take your dog for a walk, spend time with your cat, or take your pets to an appointment, you will feel more comfortable with a familiar face. Your pets are also more comfortable with people they have had a chance to bond with. This is why we make sure the same team member will be working with you and your pet.

We know that for some pets, it can be stressful to meet new people. If your dog is receiving daily walks or your cat needs daily attention, they should not have to face a new person every time someone comes over. Consistency and relationships are just as important to your pet's wellbeing as they are to yours.

Especially now, with precautions needing to be taken to prevent the spreading of COVID, you deserve to know who is coming into your home. We want you to know that you can trust the person who is caring for your furry family member, and we believe that it is important that you are able to establish a relationship with them so you and your pet can rest easy.

We know that it can be nerve-wracking letting someone into your home. That is why all of our Pet Pros are extensively vetted. You can learn more about our team on our About Us page.

We Value Our Clients

Pet sitting and doggie daycare aren’t just about pets. They’re also about you, our client. We want you to be happy with the care your pet is receiving. Your feedback and instructions are vital in making sure your furry friend is getting their needs met. Our relationships with our clients are just as important to us as our relationships with your pets. We make sure the lines of communication are always open so there is never any confusion.

We know many of you have had to return to work or are trying to balance distance learning while working from home, and that is why we are continuing to offer our services to you and your pets during the pandemic.

We will continue to offer:

  • Dog Runs- We will run off your pup’s excess energy to keep them fit and entertained.

  • Dog Hikes- For the dogs that need exercise, but prefer a slower pace, we will get them outside to enjoy nature on one of the beautiful trails in the area.

  • Dog Walks- We get your dog out of the house and exploring their own neighborhood. Sometimes, we all just need a break. Even if you're home, it's nice to have someone safely stop in to take your dog on a little adventure of their own!

  • Cat Visits- Cats can get a little feisty when they aren’t getting the attention they are used to. We are still making visits to give your kitty extra cuddles.

  • Appointments- For those balancing work, school, or other things that make getting to appointments for your pet difficult, we will take your pets to their appointments for you.

PetProGo pet professionals

All of these will be accomplished while adhering to the safety protocols we have put in place during the pandemic. We will use our own leashes and equipment, so you do not need to worry about disinfecting anything, and we will wipe down any surfaces we have touched. You can read more about our commitment to the safety of you and your pets here.

We Value Our Employees

We know how scary things are for everyone right now, and we recognize that our Pet Pros are placing themselves at risk. That is why, in addition to the safety protocols we have put in place, we are providing our employees with an additional “hero pay.” Our wonderful employees are providing an essential service, and as long as COVID cases are on the rise in California, we believe they should be compensated for the services they provide.

PetProGo and our dedicated pet professionals are here for you. We care about your pets and want to build long term relationships with our clients. If you want to know more about the PetProGo difference, you can read more about us here!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We want to hear from our clients whether you have been with us for a while or are new to the pack!

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