Stay Active With Your Dog In Los Angeles

Temperatures are heating back up, and the winter blues are going away. If chilly weather has kept you and your dog inside, it’s time to grab your pup’s leash and get moving! April is Canine Fitness and Active Dog Month, so use this month as a way to jumpstart a healthy, active lifestyle for you and your pup.

From Doga (yoga with your dog) to jogging, there are so many ways you and your dog can be active together. Shared activity helps you strengthen your bond with your pup. It also has the benefit of preventing undesirable behaviors like chewing your furniture or shoes. This can be a problem, especially in working breeds, when your dog isn’t getting enough physical or mental activity.

We’ve put together some ideas of ways you and your dog can get moving. Huge plus? Not all of them involve leaving your house! There are even ways you can help them burn off some of the doggie energy in your own backyard!

Take a Hike!

Los Angeles is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the US with the added bonus of beautiful weather for most of the year. Take advantage of this by hitting one of the gorgeous hiking trails or walking paths in the area.

  • Ernest Debs Park- Take your pup for a ramble around the 5 miles of paths in Ernest Debs Park. This is a hidden gem, filled with songbirds, and it’s a great place for a solitary stroll with your dog.

  • Runyon Canyon Park- This isn’t just a great hike. If you have a well-trained dog, it is also famous for its off-leash areas where your dog can enjoy a little more freedom, while you enjoy the views of Hollywood.

  • Westridge Trail to San Vincente Mountain- Ready for something a little more intense? Take your dog for a 7.4-mile hike (round-trip) up to the summit park that was once a Nike-Missile site.

  • Griffith Park- With a 53-mile network of trails, there’s a path here that’s just right for you and your pup. Walk up to the West Observatory Loop, or take the Bronson Caves Trail to get a glimpse of the original Bat Cave!

Playdate At The Park

Let your dog have some puppy playtime at one of our many off-leash dog parks. You and your pup can play fetch, or you can relax while your dog has some canine time and makes new friends. Don’t forget to bring poop bags and water. Not all of these parks are equipped with water fountains, and you never know when bag supplies are running low.

  • Laurel Canyon Dog Park- Located in Mullholland, your dog will have 5 acres to run here! There are separate fenced areas for large and small dogs.

  • Silverlake Dog-Park- If you're looking for something a little smaller, head to Silverlake. Right next door to the Silverlake reservoir, there are also scenic views and walking trails if the dog park is a little too busy for you and your dog to feel comfortable.

dog playing fetch at dog park in Los Angeles
  • Eagle Rock Dog Park- Lined with benches and surrounded by trees and trails, this dog park has plenty of green space for your dog to play fetch and enjoy the smells of the outdoors. It's quickly become one of our favorites!

  • Crescenta Valley Dog Park- With a mulched play area for your pup and plenty of shade for you, this is a great place to bring your dog for a game of fetch. There are boulders inside the play area for more adventurous dogs to climb on as well.

Fun In Your Own Backyard! (+ Indoor Ideas, Too!)

You don’t have to leave your house to get your dog some more activity. There are plenty of things you and your dog can do right in your own backyard.

  • Set up an agility course- This doesn’t have to be fancy. You can buy a kit from a website like You can also DIY ramps and jumps for your dog, and pick up some inexpensive tunnels. This is great exercise for your dog’s brain as well as their body. For some ideas of how to set up a homemade course check out

  • Scavenger Hunt- Mental activity is just as important for your dog as physical activity. This is a game that is excellent for working breed dogs. Hide treats around the yard or house. Make sure to hide them at different levels, in boxes they need to flip, in an agility tunnel, etc. This is also a good indoor activity if you don’t have a large yard... or for a rare rainy day in LA!

  • Doggie Pool- If you have a water-loving dog, invest in a small kiddie pool. It’s a great way for them to cool off, and you can even incorporate training by having them retrieve items from the water. Make sure your dog is properly supervised to prevent injuries.

  • Fetch- You can’t beat this old standard. Use a ball or a flying disc to get your dog to stretch their legs and burn off that energy.

  • Doga- If you’re feeling experimental, try Doga! If you’re not quite sure about it, check out a Youtube video or one of the many books that teach you techniques, and you and your pup can try it in the privacy of your own living room.

dog yoga in los angeles
  • Go for a jog- We could all use a little more exercise, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Bring your dog along for a jog about the neighborhood. You'll be keeping yourself healthy and fit while also meeting your dog's exercise needs.

Trust The Pet Professionals

If you feel like your dog isn’t getting enough activity, don’t forget that PetProGo is here to help! We know that life can get crazy, so our pet professionals can help take some of the pressure off of you by walking, hiking, or even running your dog. Whether it’s a hike or just a sniff-filled stroll around the neighborhood, we’ll get your dog moving.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us!

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