The Benefits Of Regular Dog Walking (& Lesser-Known Los Angeles Dog-Friendly Walks!)

January is Walk Your Dog Month, so why not use this as an opportunity to add some activity to your dog’s routine? After all, it’s a new year so there's no better time to make some changes that will have a positive effect not just on your dog... but on you as well!

We all know the importance of regular exercise, but regular walks have some benefits for your dog that may surprise you. Let’s kick-off Walk Your Dog Month by learning about why walks are so important and the positive changes regular walks can bring about for you and your dog.

Why Are Regular Walks So Important?

If you have a fenced-in yard or patio, you may think that the time your dog spends outside when you let them out is enough. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

A structured activity, like a walk, is extremely important, not just for your dog’s physical health, but also their mental health.

Even at an easy pace, walks help burn off excess energy and help relieve any stress. Increased activity can help prevent destructive activity in puppies as well as in older dogs that may spend a lot of time by themselves. The new sights, smells, and sounds your dog experiences while out on a walk stimulate their brain and help to maintain their cognitive function. This mental and physical exercise will also improve your dog’s quality of sleep.

Los Angeles dog on a walk

Plus, walking is a great way to strengthen your bond with your dog. Going for a stroll helps fulfill your dog’s emotional needs and keeps them feeling connected with you.

Regular walks can also help with their social behaviors. Seeing and smelling other dogs and people while out and about can help ease some social anxieties that a dog not exposed to new individuals may develop. This is particularly true in puppies since they are still learning about the world around them.

Of course, we can’t ignore the physical benefits of walking. Increased cardiovascular strength, improved joint mobility, and even improved digestive health are just a few of the health benefits walking has for your dog... and for you!

How Much Walking Is Enough?

How many walks does your dog need a day? The answer is... it depends on your dog.

Some high activity dogs may need either longer walks or more frequent walks to meet their needs. Border Collies, Siberian Huskies, and Parson Russell Terriers are just a few of the breeds that will likely require more exercise. Dogs like these may need up to two hours of exercise a day. This can be divided into two or three walks over the course of the day.

Other breeds may need less exercise. Brachycephalic dogs (dogs with short snouts) such as English Bulldogs, Pugs, and Shih Tzus need lower levels of exercise. These dogs are very sensitive to heat, due to their short snouts, and are not built for endurance. 30 minutes a day of exercise is generally enough for them.

Activity needs may also vary by dog. Age, general health, and your dog’s personality all play a role in how much activity your dog needs in a day.

There’s Not Enough Time In The Day

There’s enough to stress about without worrying that your dog isn’t getting enough exercise or attention.

That’s where PetProGo comes in! Our pet professionals are dedicated to providing the attention and exploration your dog needs to stay happy and healthy.

Plus, you don't need to worry about your dog having to adjust to a new Pet Pro every time they need a walk. The same Pet Pro will be there to walk your dog every time. We believe in building relationships with your dog, as well as with you. This way, you know your dog is with someone who knows them almost as well as you do.

After picking up your pup, their Pet Pro will take them on a stroll around the neighborhood. But we also love to explore the beautiful and lesser-known neighborhoods and hiking trails in Los Angeles, too! Whatever you and your dog prefer, our Pet Pro will be there to provide exercise, attention, and of course, an adorable photo of your dog enjoying themselves!

Los Angeles Dog-Friendly Walks and Hikes

COVID-19 has made it nerve-wracking to even step foot outside your door.

At PetProGo, we are committed to the safety of you, your pet, and our team. That’s why our preferred walking paths and trails make it easy for us to social distance. The people we do encounter on these paths also practice good pandemic etiquette. Whether you are picking a hike for us to take your dog on, or are looking for a safe place to take them yourself, these are a few of our favorite dog-friendly walks and hikes in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles dog on dog-friendly hike

  • Elysian Park- This is one of the oldest parks in Los Angeles! Founded in 1882, Elysian Park is 575 acres, and along with beautiful plant life and historical architecture, also features a walking path. This park is filled with historical significance, and you can soak it all in as you and your dog meander the paths, safely distanced from fellow Angelenos.

  • Ernest Debs Park- This hidden gem has gorgeous views of downtown L.A and is both family-friendly and dog-friendly. The hiking path is just over 5 miles and is filled with songbirds, which is appropriate since it also features a highly rated Audubon center. This park is nestled on 300 acres in the site of a former ranch and is one of the area’s best-kept secrets. This park is so well hidden that there are large sections of the paths where you are unlikely to encounter another person. It's true... we usually only see 2 or 3 people around!

  • Hancock Park Neighborhood- This is a quaint little neighborhood and is perfect for a walk, especially if you enjoy classic architecture. While you may encounter people, this is a quiet neighborhood where people are respectful of each other and practice social distancing etiquette. This walk is perfect for easy strolling and viewing the 1920’s Tudor style and Italian revival mansions that are quintessential "Los Angeles”. This neighborhood is also heavily shaded, so it’s perfect for walking dogs that don’t do well in the heat.

  • Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area- With 7 miles of trails, you can take your pick of enjoying the wilderness views of coastal sage scrub habitat, take a more manicured walk to the lotus pond, or just meander and see where you end up! Located in the Baldwin Hills Mountains, this is one of the largest parks in the Los Angeles area.

Want to know more about our dog walking services? Take a look at our services page and learn more about our pet professionals. If you have any questions, we want to hear from you, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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