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Word On The Street Is...

"Thanks to Doug we returned to a calm, well cared for Dog and our place looked just as good!! He really participated in Bailey's care, routine, medical needs & special activities. We cannot recommend him enough.”

~ Thomas M.

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Meet & Greet

Getting To Know You


We’ll come to your home to meet you and your pet(s) and get all of the information we need to serve your exact needs. We’ll also collect keys, confirm lock box location, and get the lowdown on safely accessing your home.

We offer both In-Person Meet & Greets AND Virtual Meet & Greets via Zoom. Our entire team is vaccinated for COVID-19, but current guidance still suggests the use of masks during indoor Meet & Greets.

And, just in case you forgot something, we offer additional meet & greets. Learn more about them, here.

Pricing - FREE!

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(We're sure you'll want to work with us after meeting us) 


Dog Visit

A walk from your home

Starting at $29+

Away all day at work? That’s a long time for your pup to go without a potty break. Our expert Pet Pros will take your dog around the block or down the street to their favorite nearby park, all while treating them with care and compassion, just like our own pets. 


As part of any visit, we make sure to fill up water bowls and lock up afterward. We’re also happy to feed your pet, water the houseplants, bring in any mail or boxes, or turn on lights before we depart.


30min - $29

*First Extra Dog - $13

*Each Addt'l Dog - $7

60min - $44

*First Extra Dog - $19

*Each Addt'l Dog - $10

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Cat Visit

That’s meow we do it!

Starting at $24+


Our visit will include feeding, water replacement and replenishment, litter box cleaning, waste disposal, playtime, cuddles, reinforcing pre-existing training, and all the lovings.


Cat Visits will be FLEXIBLE TIMING (9:00 AM to 7:00 PM) unless you indicate otherwise in your request.


20min - $24

*First Extra Cat - INCLUDED

*Each Addt'l Cat - $7

tan striped cat with green eyes staring straight at camera during cat sitting visit

Pet Sitting

Sitting in YOUR HOME while you’re away

Starting at $90+/night

We know that you and your pet are inseparable, but what about when you go on vacation or a business trip and you just can’t take your furry friend with you?


In-home sitting includes all your normal walks, feedings, medications, playtime, and cuddles, but also includes mail collection, plant watering, and anything else you need to keep your home and pet safe and secure while you’re gone.  


Per Night - $90

(12 hr overnight)

*First Extra Pet - $34

*Each Addt'l Pet - $14

French bulldog lounging on top of a building overlooking Los Angeles

Add-On Services

Additional Meet & Greet

Oh yeah, one more thing!

Sometimes you forget to show us an important detail during your first Meet & Greet, or we’ll want to come back again to make sure your pet is super comfortable with us before we come back alone.


30 min - $29

*Each Addt'l Pet - INCLUDED

Medication Administration

A spoonful of sugar

Even pups get sick sometimes! Tell us how your pet best enjoys taking their medication (in a pill pocket, in their food or water, with a delicious snack like cheese or peanut butter, etc), and we’ll be happy to keep them on their normal schedule.


Most oral medication administration is included for FREE as a part of our standard services.

Injectable medications are on a case-by-case basis.

Pricing (for injectables)

Per Pet - $15


Holiday Care + Rates

Take a break, you deserve it.

Going away for a holiday weekend and can’t bring your furry friend? Or maybe you’re spending the whole day at the beach, celebrating with friends and family, but dogs aren’t allowed? Not to worry. If you need us on a holiday, we’ll be there. We’re always focused on making sure our Pet Pros are compensated fairly, but especially on holidays when they might otherwise be resting, so we’ll add 50% to your base service rate on all Federal Holidays, plus Christmas Eve & New Years Eve.


Important Policies To Get You Started

The Things To Know!
After Hours + Weekend Rates

In order to ensure that our Pet Pros get paid appropriately for their time, and to comply with CA Labor Law, we charge Clients 30% more for standard Pet Visits scheduled for after hours (before 9am or after 6pm) & weekend (Saturdays & Sundays) services.

Late Cancellation

If you cancel with less than 24hrs notice, you will be charged full price in order to compensate our Pet Pros accordingly.

Late Booking Fee

If you book services with less than 24hrs notice, we will add an $8 late booking fee to your invoice.